Refract Environment (Pro/Studio)

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Refracts an environment map through a 3D surface defined by a height map.  This is equivalent to observing the environment through a transparent medium, such as water.



Refract Environment Sample










The red channel of this input is used as a height map for constructing the three-dimensional refractive surface.


An environment to be refracted through the surface. This input must be in latitude/longitude format.  The Make Environment node will produce environment maps in this format.









Height Factor

Scales all values of the input height map by a given factor to quickly change overall elevations.  Entering a negative value will reverse elevations.


Specifies the refractive index of the surface.  The refractive index describes the degree to which a surface will bend light rays passing through it.

Skip for Color Only

During color-only renders, certain parts of a texture, usually those adding highlights or shadows, are skipped so that a flat-looking version is created.  Activating this property will cause this node to render as if it had a Height Factor of zero during color-only renders, thus flattening away any highlights.  This property doesn't have an effect during normal renders.  More information on color-only rendering can be found in the Using Effect Maps tutorial.




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