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As described here, Genetica is able to download graphics resources that will add realism to your textures and art.  The Select Resource Library Location dialog gives you an opportunity to specify where these resources will be stored when they are downloaded.  If you change your mind later about where resources are stored and wish to move the folder, check the Common Questions section at the end of the Downloadable Resources page.



Select Resource Library Location Dialog




Common Questions



I don't know if I want to download anything.  What should I do?


Nothing is downloaded by clicking OK in the Select Resource Library Location dialog.  This dialog merely specifies where resources should be stored, should you decide to download them at a later time.  It is therefore recommended that you click OK in the Select Resource Library Location dialog.  When the time comes to download a resource, a different dialog will appear that will ask for your permission to download a few specific resources, as well as give you details on what those resources are.



The dialog recommends gigabytes of space to be on the selected drive.  Why so much?


Your resource library is unlikely to expand to the recommended size.  We recommend more space to be available than is strictly needed because hard drives tend to become inefficient as they approach full capacity.  It's therefore advisable to put the resource library on a drive with plenty of space to avoid a reduction in computer performance.


For more information see Downloadable Resources.




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