Rotate & Tile

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This node will rotate its input in such a way that the result will still tile seamlessly.  It should be noted, however, that seamlessness can only be preserved while rotating an image if it is shrunk and repeated by the correct amount, which is something that this node will do automatically for you.


If you need to shrink and repeat an image, this node is often a great alternative to the Move & Repeat node, since the result will be slanted in an interesting way.  If you need to rotate an image without shrinking it, consider the Rotate node, which performs rotations in multiples of 90 degrees, or the Free Transform node, which will rotate an image by any amount.






This node's only input provides the image to be rotated.










Sets the width and height of an imaginary camera observing the texture.  Increasing these values is like moving the camera farther away from the texture.  Although any real number can be entered, results will only be seamless if whole numbers are entered.


Sets the strength of the effect.




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