Selecting Shapes

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When editing Canvas designs it is often necessary to select previously created shapes in order to modify them.  This page discusses the various techniques relating to making these selections.




Single Item Selection


Shapes can usually be selected by hovering over them in the Canvas workspace and left-clicking.  As shown below, in cluttered workspaces the hovered shape can be identified by its thick blue border.



Canvas Border Types



Not every tool supports selection by clicking in the workspace.  For example, the Draw tool interprets clicking as an attempt to add a new curve to the design, making this type of selection impossible.  If the active tool doesn't support workspace selection, try switching to the Transform tool.


Alternatively, selection can be performed by clicking the desired item's entry in the tree view that is found within the Shapes panel to the right of the workspace.  Because of its compact form, it's not always as easy to tell what you should click in the tree view in order to make the desired selection.  Nevertheless, using the tree view for selection does have advantages.  First, the tree view can always be used to make selections regardless of whether the currently active tool supports workspace selection, and second, the tree view makes it easy to select layers in addition to individual shapes.




Multiple Item Selection


In some cases it's useful to select multiple shapes simultaneously, such as when you want to move several shapes all by the same amount.  Not all tools support multiple selection.  If the active tool doesn't support multiple selection, try switching to the Transform tool.


With a tool that supports multiple selection active, you can hold down either the shift or ctrl key while clicking in the workspace to add and remove shapes from the selection.


The Transform tool additionally allows you to select multiple shapes by dragging a selection marquee around the shapes you wish to select.  The marquee takes the form of a rectangle that appears while dragging in the workspace.  All shapes that fall completely within the marquee will be selected.  Be careful not to begin dragging over an existing shape, as this will cause the existing shape to be moved instead.


Multiple selections can also be made with the Shapes panel's tree view, again provided that the active tool supports multiple selection.  To add a continuous series of items to the multiple selection, click the first desired item, then hold down the shift key while clicking the last desired item.  To add and remove individual items from the multiple selection, hold down the ctrl key while clicking.


The tree view also allows multiple selections to be made by dragging a selection marquee over the desired items.  To create a selection marquee, begin dragging in an empty part of the tree view.




Clearing Selections


At times you may want to clear the current selection.  If the active tool supports workspace selection, as described in the Single Item Selection section above, then you can clear the current selection by clicking in a blank space of the workspace.


Alternatively, you can always clear a selection by clicking a blank space in the tree view regardless of whether the active tool supports workspace selection or not.




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