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Select Noise is a simple and streamlined noise generator.  You can think of Select Noise as a simplified version of the Noise Lab.  Because Select Noise is quicker to use than the Noise Lab, it is useful in those situations where you don't need as much control over every detail of your noise.









Input Noise

This is an optional input noise that will be passed through the node if "Use Input" is selected as its noise type.  There is no need to use this input under most circumstances, however, this input may be used by Genetica when the "Convert Lab to Basic Nodes" operation is used.






The properties for this Lab Node all fall into one main section, and are described here.



Select Noise



As indicated in the above image, which properties are available in the lower portion of the Select Noise box will depend on the chosen noise type.  The properties in the upper region of the box will always be available, as follows:






Think of this property as a zoom function that lets you move closer or farther from your noise.  Increasing the value of this property will create smaller, finer noise features.


Changing this property will re-randomize the noise.

"Select Type..." button

Clicking this button will cause a window to pop up from which you can select your desired noise type.  The properties appearing below this button will change depending on the type of noise that has been selected.



Pattern Noise Type



The above image shows the result when "Pattern" is selected as the noise type.  This noise type is unique in that it introduces an additional type selection button along with its properties.



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