Select Noise Area Type

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The Select Noise select area type lets you specify a noise to select random areas of your texture.


When active, this area type will make the following properties available:






Red areas in the thumbnail directly to the left of the type selection button correspond to areas of your texture that are selected to receive the effect.  By making the noise brighter, this property selects a greater area of your texture.


Increasing the value of this property results in sharper transitions between the areas that are and are not selected.


Selecting "Yes" inverts which areas of the texture are selected.

Third "Select Type..." button

When Select Noise is activated as the select area type, a third and final "Select Type..." button appears.  Clicking this button lets you choose from among a number of noises that can be used to select various parts of your texture.  Various additional properties will appear below this button depending on which noise is selected.  The purpose of these properties can be determined by observing their effect on the thumbnail directly to the left of the selection button.



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