Select Rings Area Type

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The Select Rings select area type uses the wood texture's rings to select various parts of the texture.


When active, this area type will make the following properties available:





Ring Frequency

Determines how many of the rings will be selected.  If set to "Full," all rings will be selected.  If set to "Half," then only every other ring will be selected, causing the effect to appear less often.  If "Quarter" is selected, then only one in four rings will be selected.

Ring Phase

Changes the positions of the rings.

Ring Slant

This property affects the selection's transition between two adjacent rings.  If set to zero, then an unselected area will smoothly blend into a selected area, which will then smoothly blend back into an unselected area, as one ring turns into the next.  If you increase Ring Slant, then unselected areas will still blend into selected areas, but will then snap back to unselected areas quickly instead of having a gradual transition.  Negative values will have a similar effect, but in the opposite direction.

Ring Bias

Affects the thickness of the selection rings.

Ring Definition

Controls how clearly defined the selection rings will be.  Increasing this property creates sharper transitions between the parts of the rings that are and are not selected.

Fade Areas

Increasing this property will cause the selection rings to fade away in certain areas.

Streak Away

Causes selection rings to fade away in a streaky pattern.


Fades selection rings away in a dotty pattern.



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