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The Snippet Tool can be used to save, import, and export individual shapes and designs.  Image tracing can also be done with this tool.  It can be selected from the Canvas toolbox.






The Snippet tool allows shapes to be selected and transformed in the workspace, just as can be done with the Transform tool.  But the unique capabilities of this tool are found outside of the workspace, as described below.




Snippets Panel


The Snippets panel along the left of the workspace acts as a bin for storing and reusing shapes and designs.  It functions similarly to the Presets tab found in some of Genetica's editors.  Click an item in the panel to copy it to the workspace.  To save a new snippet, select the shapes or layers you wish to save in the workspace, type a name in the text field at the bottom of the panel, and then click the Add button.


The Snippets panel will only be visible as long as the Show button in the tool's ribbon is active.




Panel Section


This section has a single button, Show, that shows and hides the Snippets panel.




Transfer Section (Pro/Studio)


The buttons in this section will allow you to bring designs from other sources into the Canvas node, or to export a Canvas design for use in a different drawing package.





Trace Image

This button opens the Trace Image dialog, which can be used to automatically turn bitmap graphics such as photographs into vector drawings.


Imports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) into the Canvas node.  This format can be exported from most major drawing packages.


Saves the currently selected shapes as an SVG file which can then be opened in most major drawing applications.




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