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Styles are best known for the role they play in the Canvas node, where they can be applied to drawn shapes to give them a variety of effects such as bevels and shadows.  But styles can also be used on procedurally generated designs.  That's where the Style node comes in, which can apply styles to arbitrary height maps or designs.



Style Node

Within the Canvas node, styles apply effects to drawn shapes (left).

The Style node applies to arbitrary height maps (right).



The Design input of the Style node expects a height map that transitions smoothly from black to full intensity red.  For most styles, the part of the height map that has an intensity of 50% will become the outline of the generated shapes.



Style Node 2

The Style node expects height maps that transition from black to full intensity (left).

Simple designs will also work, but the style may not render as expected (right).



Style Node 3

Appropriate height maps don't have to be made procedurally.  They can also be created in

the Canvas node by selecting the Height Map style preset from the "Component" category.



Style Node 4

The Style node's second input ("Background") is useful for

styles that color, blur, or otherwise modify the style's background.

Style Node 5

The Style node's third input ("Input Texture") will

only influence styles that have a Fill Input Texture layer.










The red channels of this input provides the height map or design used by the Style node.


Provides the background image that is to appear behind the style.

Input Texture

Gives the input texture used by any Fill Input Texture layers that the style may have.










Defines the style to be used by this node.  Click the "Edit..." button to open the Edit Style dialog, or double-click the node itself.


"Zooms" the style of the currently selected layer to make it more appropriate for shapes of different size.  See the door handle/thumbtack example towards the end of the Style tool's page.


Changing Seed will randomize any noises used by the style.




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