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Select the Cloth color type within the Substance Lab's Color section to create a finely woven cloth.  (As an alternative, the Layer Lab offers the possibility of coarse weaves.)  These are the properties that become available when this color type is selected.





Color 1 - 5

Set the colors that the cloth pattern will be based on.

Plaid Mode

Setting this property to "Yes" leads to plaid patterns composed of horizontal and vertical bands.  Setting it to "No" results in other random patterns.

Horizontal Symmetry

Activating this property incorporates horizontal symmetry into the cloth pattern.

Vertical Symmetry

This property incorporates vertical symmetry into the cloth pattern.  It will only have an effect if Plaid Mode is set to "No."


Cycles which colors end up on which parts of the pattern.

Thread Direction

A value closer to the extremes of zero or 100 will result in diagonal threads, while a value closer to 50 will result in threads that do not have an obvious directionality.

Thread Zigzag

Values greater than zero result in thread directions that alternate in strips.  This will only be noticeable if Thread Direction is also set sufficiently above zero.

Thread Density

Increases the thread count of the cloth.  If the thread count becomes sufficiently large, you may need to render the texture to see the threads.

Thread Emboss

Causes the threads to stick out of the texture, making them more obvious and giving the texture a bumpier appearance.

Dye Mode

Offers a number of alternatives for how the pattern is printed onto the cloth.

Pattern Repetitions

Specifies how many times the texture is repeated.  Increasing this property will also result in the thread count getting higher.  If the thread count becomes sufficiently large, you may need to render the texture to see them.



At the bottom of the Color section is a yellow Select Noise box that generates a noise that the patterns appearing on the cloth are based on.  By default, "Use Input" will be selected as the noise type, which in this case means the master noise will be used to base the cloth patterns on.  If you would like plain cloth without any patterns, select "None" as the pattern type, in which case Color 1 will dictate the color of the cloth.  The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.



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