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Section Overview


The Shine section of the Substance Lab makes your texture shiny.









Glare Color

Sets the color of the glare added to your texture.  This property will only make a difference if Glare Amount is set to a value greater than zero.

Glare Amount

Modifies the amount of glare added to your texture.

Bump Depth

The master noise is used as a height map for calculating the glare.  This property will scale that height map in order to make the glare look like it's shining off of a bumpier surface.



At the bottom of the Shine section is a yellow Select Noise box that influences the locations of the shiny highlights.  The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.  Please note that the Select Noise box will be grayed out (or disabled) if all of the above properties are set to neutral values that wouldn't result in any change in the image.  If this is the case, first make adjustments in the properties above to enable the box.



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