Source Section

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The Source section of the Blend Synthesis layer type specifies the source photograph and the area that will be used for constructing the seamless texture.


For newly created layers, the controls in this section will be disabled until an image is selected.  Click the "Select Image..." button at the upper left of the section in order to call up the Select Image dialog, which will allow a photo to be selected from Genetica's built-in library of royalty-free texture photos.  The "Import..." button can be clicked to select a photo from your own collection.  The Use Input option, also found along the top of the section, can be activated to select whatever has been placed in the node's input slot.


The bulk of this section is occupied by a control that defines the region of the selected photograph that will be used to construct the texture.



Texture Synthesis Blend 3

Drag the indicated areas to scale and position the source box.



To place patches more accurately, open a larger version of the placement control by clicking the "Edit Full Size..." button that appears at the top of the section.


The two controls at the bottom of the section can be used to correct uneven lighting in the source photograph.  A more detailed explanation is available here.




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