Equalize Brightness Controls

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The Equalize Brightness controls, which appear for multiple layer types of the Texture Synthesis dialog, correct uneven lighting in the source photograph.





Equalize Brightness

Species whether brightness equalization should take place.

Equalize Strength

Controls the strength of the equalization effect.  Setting this value too low may cause the final texture to appear blotchy, while setting it to high may cause the texture to lack depth.



Texture Synthesis Equalize Brightness 2

Left: Camera flash will often make photographs darker around the edges.

Right: Equalizing brightness can even out lighting.



Texture Synthesis Equalize Brightness

Left: Uneven lighting can give the final texture a blotchy appearance.

Center: Equalizing brightness can help solve this problem.

Right: Overdoing the correction can cause the texture to lose depth.



Texture Synthesis Equalize Brightness 3

Left: A byproduct of equalizing brightness is that the image will become neutral-toned.

Right: Correct this by making use of the settings found in the Master Controls box.




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