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The Auto section of the Patches layer type controls the automatic placement of patches that were defined in the Source section.





Auto Placement

Defines whether automatic patch placement is to take place.  Deactivate this control if you wish patches to only be placed manually.

Patch Switcher

If multiple source patches have been defined, this property defines how they are selected between during automatic patch placement.



Each time a patch is to be placed in the texture, one of the source patches is selected at random.  The likelihood of each patch being chosen is influenced by the Frequency property, found in the Source section.


Each row uses a different source patch.


Each column uses a different source patch.


Patches are alternated between regularly.


Texture Synthesis Auto

From left to right, Random, Rows, Columns, and Staggered are shown.


Controls how many patches will be placed along the width and height of the texture.  For most textures you'll want to set this property just high enough so that no gaps appear between any of the patches.


Moves the patches horizontally and vertically by the specified amounts.


Gives the probability that each patch will be placed as defined by the other properties.  Decreasing Density from its maximum value will cause gaps to appear in the pattern.


Texture Synthesis Auto 3


This property can be used to offset each row.  It's effects become more noticeable as the Jitter X and Y properties are reduced.


Texture Synthesis Auto 2

Jitter X and Y

These properties will randomize patch positioning.


Texture Synthesis Auto 4


Modifies the sizes of all patches.  Positive values increase size.


Texture Synthesis Auto 8

Jitter Scale

Randomizes patch size.


Texture Synthesis Auto 5


Rotates all patches.  Positive values lead to counterclockwise rotation.


Texture Synthesis Auto 6

Jitter Angle

Randomizes patch orientation.


Texture Synthesis Auto 7



If the pattern created by automatic patch placement doesn't look quite right, try randomizing it by modifying the Seed property found in the Master Controls box.




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