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The preview area of the Texture Synthesis dialog displays a preview of the current texture.



Texture Synthesis Preview



The options found in this area are summarized by the following table.





100% Button

Sets the image to its actual size so that each of the image's pixels corresponds to one screen pixel.

Fit Button

Zooms the image in or out so that it is as large as possible while still fitting within the view area.

+ Button

Zooms in.  The image will appear larger.

- Button

Zooms out.  The image will appear smaller.

Tile Image Button

When this button is active, the image will be repeated, allowing you to evaluate it as a seamless texture.

Resolution Drop-Down

Specifies the size of the preview.  Higher resolutions give a clearer view, but take longer to render.

Preview Drop-Down

The final drop-down controls whether the preview is of the entire texture, or only the currently selected layer.



Texture Synthesis Whole Texture

With "Whole Texture" selected, the

preview will show the result of all layers.

Texture Synthesis Current Layer

With "Current Layer" selected, only the selected

layer's contribution to the texture will be shown.



Dragging the preview with your right mouse button will pan the view.




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