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The Selected Layer box, found within the Edit tab of the Texture Synthesis dialog, allows the user to modify whatever layer is selected within the Layers box.



Texture Synthesis Selected Layer

The controls belonging to the current layer are organized into a

number of sections that must be selected for the controls to appear.



The Layer Type drop-down at the top-left of this box specifies the behavior of the currently selected layer.  Different layer types will attempt to convert the chosen photograph into a seamless texture using different techniques.  It is worth trying multiple layer types to discover which one will work best with a given photo.



Layer Type



Stitches together patches, derived from a photo, in a variety of random and user-controlled ways.  Works best with materials characterized by random detail, such as wood or rusty metal.

Blend Synthesis

Folds the edges of the photo back onto itself.

Repeating Pattern

Assembles the texture in accordance to user-defined repetition points.  Works best with materials characterized by patterns that repeat at regular intervals, such as weaves or brickwork.

Solid Color

Fills the layer with a solid color.  Layers of this type will be useful only when blended with other layers, as they do not create any surface detail on their own.



The most commonly used layer types are Patches and Repeating Pattern.



Texture Synthesis Patches Example

The Patches layer type is most effective

with photos characterized by random detail.

Texture Synthesis Repeating Pattern Example

The Repeating Pattern layer type is most effective with

photos characterized by regularly repeating patterns.




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