Tone Curve

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This node uses a curve to remap the values of the input image's pixels.  Each of the input's channels (red, green, blue, transparency) is handled independently of the others.



Tone Curve Explained

The x-axis of the curve represents input values, and the y-axis represents outputs.  If

the above curve were used, then for a pixel that had a channel of brightness 75%, the

corresponding pixel-channel in the output image would have a brightness of 95%.



Tone Curve Example 1

If the curve is a standard upward ramp, then the image will remain unchanged.



Tone Curve Example 2

If the ramp is inverted, the image's colors will also be inverted.



Tone Curve Example 3

A step-curve will give the tonal variations of the image a step-like appearance.






This node takes one input providing the image to be adjusted.









Tone Curve

Specifies the curve used to remap the input image.  Clicking this property's "Edit..." button will open the Edit Curve dialog.

Affect Red

Dictates whether or not the input's red channel will be changed in any way.

Affect Green

Whether or not the input's green channel will be changed.

Affect Blue

Whether or not the input's blue channel will be changed.

Affect Transparency

Whether or not the input's transparency channel will be changed.




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