Trace Image Dialog (Pro/Studio)

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The Trace Image dialog, available in the Pro and Studio editions of Genetica, can be used to convert a bitmap image into a vector illustration.  It can be accessed from the Canvas node's Snippet tool.  You will be asked to select the image you wish to trace, then the dialog will appear as shown below.






The original image is shown in the left image pane, while the right pane shows a preview of what the traced result will look like with the current options.  The number of controls points that will be used by the resulting design is shown above the preview, and their locations are shown as red dots when the mouse hovers over the preview.  Watch the number of control points as you adjust the dialog's properties.  Strive to use the minimum number of control points that gives an acceptable result.






Controls how faithfully the traced image will conform to the original.  Higher values will result in a more accurate tracing, but will use more control points to achieve the result, which will make editing the shape more difficult.


Increase this property to create a more stylized version of the design.


With this property set to zero, the shape of the traced design will be determined simply by whether each pixel is brighter or darker than the selected Threshold (described below).  As the Equalize property gets larger, the tracing will increasingly take the brightness of neighboring areas into account.  This will result in details appearing that might otherwise be hidden within brighter or darker parts of the image.


Specifies how bright a pixel can be and still be included in the traced shape.  Higher values lead to a larger portion of the original image being included in the tracing, unless the Invert property described below has been activated.


Reverses which parts of the image are within the traced image.  When set to "No", darker parts are considered to be part of the shape, while "Yes" causes lighter areas to be included instead.



Click OK once you see a desired result.  The traced image will be placed into the Canvas workspace, and can be tweaked with the Edit tool.




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