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Transform Nodes Example

Transform Image Nodes remap the pixels of their input to new positions.  These nodes will allow you to move, scale, rotate, and distort images.






Distorts an image by moving different points in varying directions and distances.

Free Transform

Moves, scales, skews, and rotates its input image without repeating the image as it is shrunk.


Creates interesting patterns by repeatedly fitting together rotated and mirrored copies of a region of the input image that the user selects.

Move & Repeat

Moves and scales its input.  The image will repeat as it is shrunk.


Re-maps the X and Y coordinates of an input image in order to produce interesting distortions.


Rotates its input by multiples of 90 degrees.

Rotate & Tile

Rotates its input by small amounts in such a way that the result will still tile seamlessly.




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