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These tutorials are designed to walk you through the most important of Genetica's features.  Most tutorials assume that you have a grasp of the material that was presented in the tutorials before it, so it's generally a good idea for you to complete them in order.





Genetica Basics

Introduces new users to the very basics of working with textures in Genetica, such as opening presets, understanding their overall construction, and editing them.

Editing Presets

Guides you through the process of modifying one of the preset textures that comes included with Genetica.

Weathering a Texture

Shows you how to create a new Weather Lab node and use it to refine a texture.

Making an Animation (Studio)

Guides you through the steps needed to animate a texture in the Studio edition.

Extending the Library

Walks you through the process of extending Genetica's library so that you can speed up your workflow by reusing parts of your work in multiple textures.

Zooming Textures

Introduces the mechanics of zooming textures in order to change the size of their features as well as make them repeat more or less often.

Using Effect Maps

Shows you how to generate various effect maps, such as bump and specular maps, for use in your external 3D application.

Making Website Thumbnails (Pro/Studio)

Shows you how to use the Pro/Studio edition's batch processor to quickly turn a number of textures into thumbnails for display on your website.




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