Understanding Curves

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Instead of defining each point along a curve or shape, curves in Genetica are defined by a small number of points that Genetica uses to construct smooth curves.





Control and Tangent Points

Curves are defined by control points and tangent points.

Moving Control Point

Control points specify points that the curve must pass through.

Drag control points to make a curve pass through a different area.


Moving Tangent Point

Tangent points control the angle a curve will take as it

passed through the corresponding control point.  Move a

tangent point to modify a curve's slope.



Shortening Tangent Point


The distance between a tangent point and its corresponding

control point determines the extent to which the curve will

attempt to conform to it.



Within the Canvas node, there are various ways to create curves that can be directly modified using the handles shown above, such as:


Use the Draw tool to create a new curve.


Use the Shape tool to create a shape, then switch to the Edit tool and press the Convert button.


Such curves will also appear within the Texture Synthesis dialog.




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