UV Light (Pro/Studio)

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Creates a UV texture for its input model by illuminating the model with a point light.









The node's only input provides the 3D model to be used for the calculation. If an imported model is being used, it must have been properly UV mapped before being imported.










Controls the location of the light used to illuminate the model.

Shadow Strength

Increasing this property darkens any hard shadows cast by the light.  This property will not have any effect if Global Illumination has been set to the maximum value.

Global Illumination

Increasing this value causes more simulated light rays to find their way via indirect means to areas of the surface that do not have direct line-of-sight with the light.  Global Illumination helps to give the surface a more natural appearance.


Sets the type of output produced:


UV Map

A UV texture is produced that can be applied to the model in a 3D application.

Textured Model

The input model is passed through the node, but with the new UV texture applied to it.




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