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Use the Weather Lab to apply weathering or aging effects to your textures.


The Weather Lab is unique in that it is set up to allow for up to three weather effects to be easily chained together directly within its interface.  These three effects are controlled by three main sections labeled Weather 1, Weather 2, and Weather 3, which can be seen in the following illustration.






As described in the image above, a main Weather section must be activated for it to be used.  Once activated, several subsections will appear below it, described further down.  Activating more than one of the main Weather sections is a convenient way to construct complicated weathering effects that require multiple layers of effects.



Chained Weather



Don't let the fact that there are only three main Weather sections in any one Weather Lab prevent you from creating even more complicated effects involving more than three layers of adjustments.  As shown above, any number of Weather Labs can easily be chained together within the Nodes tab for an endless number of effects.


The Weathering a Texture tutorial offers a hands-on introduction to this node.










The original texture that will receive the weathering effects.


An optional custom noise that can be used in the construction of your weathering effects.  To make use of the noise inserted in this slot, select "Use Input" as one of the noise types within an Area Selection section.




Property Sections





Blur & Move

Blurs and translates the original texture.  Please keep in mind that the adjustments performed in this and the next few sections will only be applied in the areas defined by the Area Selection section.

Jitter Color

Introduces random color variations into the texture.

Adjust Color

Adjusts the texture's colors.


Embosses the texture to give it a bumpy appearance.

Area Selection

Specifies the locations of the texture that will receive the effects specified in all the other sections.


Uses the noise specified in the Area Selection section to indent the texture.



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