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Section Overview


The Emboss section of the Weather Lab embosses the texture to give it a bumpy appearance.


Note that any adjustments performed in this section will only end up being applied to the areas specified by the Area Selection section, even though the current section preview shows the adjustment applied to the entire texture.










The noise specified by the yellow Select Noise box is used as a height map to emboss the texture.  This property controls the depth of those bumps.


Increase this value to add shiny highlights to the bumps.  Will only have an effect if Depth is set to a value other than zero.



At the bottom of the Emboss section is a yellow Select Noise box that defines the height map used to create the bumps.  The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.  Selecting "Use Input" as the noise type will cause the texture itself to be used as the height map.



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