Jitter Color

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Section Overview


The Jitter Color section of the Weather Lab introduces random color variations into the texture.


The color variations introduced by this section are across the entire color spectrum, and may therefore appear overly colorful.  You may limit the jitters to only certain areas of the spectrum by making use of the New Color and New Color Strength properties in the next section to limit the colors of the weathered areas.


Note that any adjustments performed in this section will be applied only to the areas specified by the Area Selection section, even though the current section preview shows the adjustment applied to the entire texture.










Sets the amount by which the image colors are jittered.



At the bottom of the Jitter Color section is a yellow Select Noise box that is responsible for controlling the way in which the colors are jittered.  The options appearing within this box are identical to those of the Select Noise node.  Please note that the Select Noise box will be grayed out (or disabled) if the Amount property described above is set to zero.



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