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Section Overview


The Rings section of the Wood Lab controls the shape and density of the rings that the wood is based on.  The overall shape of these rings is represented by a black and red pattern in the current section preview.  These rings will be used by the Colors & Grooves section, and may also affect the Shade Effect sections depending on settings.










Affects the overall scale of the wood ring pattern.  Increasing this property will shrink the rings, allowing more to fit in the texture.  Typical useful values are between zero and three.


This is the randomizing seed of the wood ring pattern.  Changing this number will re-randomize the features of the pattern while maintaining the same overall characteristics.


Controls how squashed the rings will be horizontally.  Increasing this value will make the rings look more elongated.


Controls the overall density of the rings in all directions.  Increasing ring density is equivalent to increasing the number of rings.


Gives the rings a more irregular shape.


Blends together nearby rings.


Mixes the ring pattern with a splintery noise.

Knot Strength

Increasing this value warps the wood around certain points, mimicking the pattern that wood naturally forms around knots.  If this property is set above zero, anti-aliasing may need to be turned on to keep the wood looking smooth during final renders.

Knot Density

Sets the number of knots affecting the ring pattern.  This property will only have an effect if Knot Strength is set to a value greater than zero.




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