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Section Overview


The Wood Lab contains three Shade Effect sections, called Shade Effect 1, Shade Effect 2, and Shade Effect 3.  All three of these sections perform identical functions.  Together they give you the opportunity to apply up to three shading effects on your wood texture, one after the other.






Which properties are available in the Shade Effect sections will change depending on your selections.  There are three main steps to making use of these sections:


1.First, choose the desired effect.  To do this, click the first "Select Type..." button (indicated in the image below) and chose the desired effect type.  Then, adjust the properties that appear directly below the button to customize the effect.  Refer to the Effect Type pages for details on which effects are available and what their properties do.



2.Second, choose where on the texture the effect should take place.  To do this, click the second "Select Type..." button appearing within the yellow "Select Area" box and make your selection.  Explanations of the available options are found in the Select Area Type pages.



3.Finally, adjust the Effect Amount property found at the very top of the blue "Shade Effect" box to control the overall strength of the effect.


Following are the main properties that will always appear in this section.  Click the links within the property descriptions to read about the other properties that may also appear.





Effect Amount

This property appears at the very top of the property list and controls the overall strength of the effect.

First "Select Type..." button

Click this button to select the type of effect that you want from the window that pops up.  The available effect types are Adjust Color, Emboss, Grit, and Ring Colors.  Each effect type will cause its own unique set of properties to appear directly below the selection button.  See the help pages for each effect type for an explanation of its properties.


The Scale property appears at the very top of the yellow "Select Area" box.  It will change the scale of the other properties appearing below it.  However, it will have no effect if "Select All" is chosen.


Changing the seed property allows you to re-randomize the properties appearing below it.  Please note that this property will not have an effect if "Select All" is chosen.

Second "Select Type..." button

Clicking this button allows you to specify which parts of the texture will receive the Shade Effect.  The available area types are Select All, Select Noise, and Select Rings.  Note that this button will be grayed out if the properties above it are set in such a way that the Shade Effect has no effect on the texture.



Shade Effect 1



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