Working with Dialog Presets

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Several of Genetica's more sophisticated dialogs have built-in preset functionality, including the Edit Curve dialog, the Edit Environment Map dialog, and the Edit Style dialog.  The illustrations on this page depict the Edit Style dialog, but the concepts presented apply to any dialog that has a Presets tab.




Using Presets


To use a preset, first select the desired category using the drop-down at the upper left of the tab, then click one of the preset thumbnails.


When using presets, make sure that the "When Selected" option is set to either "Replace" or "Merge."  In Replace mode selecting a preset will cause it to be loaded over any previously opened items, while in Merge mode the layers of the loaded item will be added on top of the previous one.  Merge mode is useful when you want to combine two or more presets.  The third option is "Do Nothing," which is useful when removing presets, as described in the Removing Presets section below.



Using Presets




Factory Presets


Presets that come built into Genetica are referred to as "factory" presets.  Unlike user-created presets, factory presets cannot be deleted or overwritten.




Adding New Presets


To save your creation as a preset that can easily be reused later, select the category that you want the preset to be added to, type the desired name into the text field at the lower left of the tab, and then press the Add button.



Adding Presets



You will not be able to add a preset if the name you have specified is the same as a factory preset.




Updating Presets


To update a previously created preset with a newer version, select the category that contains the original version and then type the name of the previously created preset into the text field at the lower left of the tab.  Assuming you have spelled the name the same as it had been spelled the first time, the Add button will change to an Overwrite button that you can click to save over the original.


You cannot overwrite factory presets.




Removing Presets


To remove an unwanted user-created preset, first click the preset and then click the Remove button at the bottom of the tab.  If you are removing multiple presets and don't want each preset to load when it is clicked, set the When Selected drop-down at the top right of the tab to "Do Nothing."


You cannot remove factory presets.




Organizing Presets


Dialog presets are saved to Documents\Genetica User Files\{Application}\{Preset Type}\{Category}.


To move presets from one category to another, navigate to the above folder using Windows Explorer, cut the file from its original category folder, and then paste it into the new category folder.


New categories can be made by creating new folders within the Documents\Genetica User Files\{Application}\{Preset Type} folder.




Sharing Presets


You can find dialog preset files for sharing with others by opening Windows Explorer and navigating to Documents\Genetica User Files\{Application}\{Preset Type}\{Category}.




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