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To learn more about Genetica's sophisticated texture editing tools, check out Genetica's feature tour.


To practice creating specific effects in Genetica, try the tutorials, which can be used alongside the free Genetica demo.
To learn more about the many advantages that Genetica's texture format has over traditional image formats like JPEG, take a look here.

  Customizing Genetica Textures
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There's no need to settle for pre-made textures that don't look like exactly what you want.  All materials that are part of the free Genetica Texture Packs are distributed in a format that can be fully customized using Genetica, our full featured seamless texture editor.

Open any of the pack textures in Genetica to get a fully-editable representation of the material!


Genetica will offer you hundreds of easily used sliders and options.  Millions of variations of each texture are possible!


Genetica has tons of effects, including unique ways of combining different textures to create new materials. 


Not only will Genetica make sure that all of your edits are seamless, it will automatically update any relevant effect maps, such as bump and specular maps, to match your adjustments!


There's no need to wonder if Genetica is right for you.  Download the free demo today and find out!



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