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Genetica Viewer is a free and convenient way to access texture files that have been saved in the Genetica texture format (GTX).  This page describes why textures saved in this format are popular, and discusses some of the things you can do with them from within Genetica Viewer.

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Resolution Independence

With Genetica Viewer, you can take full advantage of the resolution-independent nature of the Genetica texture format.  Unlike bitmap textures which are set at a given resolution, GTX files can be rendered at any resolution up to 6000 x 6000 (the free Genetica Viewer will go as high as 2048 x 2048).

The impressive detail present in every Genetica texture is made accessible by the free Genetica Viewer.


Embedded Effect Maps

The Genetica texture format supports embedded effect maps that can be used in any of the channels supported by your 3D environment, such as bump and specular.  The free Genetica Viewer will allow you to access these effect maps.

Genetica Viewer provides the effect maps needed for realistic shaders. In this example an effect map has been placed in the luminance channel of the material to cause specific parts to glow in the dark.


Embedded Color Only Versions

Unlike bitmap formats that only represent a single version of a material, Genetica textures contain two versions--one with baked highlights and shadows for scene optimization, and a flat color only version for optimal use with separate bump and displacement maps.  The free Genetica Viewer provides access to these two versions found in any Genetica texture.

Rendering the original texture (top left) in Color Only mode will create a flat version of it without highlights or shadows (top right). This can then be used in combination with a displacement or bump map (also rendered by Genetica Viewer) in your final scene to give your materials a truly three-dimensional appearance.



Traditional bitmap textures are fixed to one zoom level, which means if you cover an area that is twice as large, the texture will repeat twice as many times. Genetica Viewer can easily re-render your Genetica textures at multiple zoom levels to avoid this problem.

The stone texture in the above illustration repeats fairly often, as indicated by the red dots.


Genetica Viewer can add additional detail to your textures, allowing a larger area to be covered without repetition.



At the click of a mouse, Genetica Viewer will re-randomize any GTX file while retaining its overall characteristics, as if it were cut from a different part of the same source material. All effect maps embedded within the texture will automatically be adjusted to match the new version.

Genetica Viewer can randomize any texture, giving you your own unique version of the material.



Genetica textures will always be perfectly seamless, even after making the adjustments described above, such as changing the zoom level or re-randomizing the texture.


While the free Genetica Viewer will let you render any existing Genetica texture file, you don't have to stop there.  With the full Genetica texture editor, each and every aspect of these textures can be edited in a user friendly and powerful environment.

Genetica offers thousands of ways to customize each texture.


Download Genetica Viewer and get started with free, flexible textures straight away!



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