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Genetica Viewer is your doorway to a world of textures that have been created with Genetica.  Specifically, Genetica Viewer is a free application for rendering seamless textures that are saved in the Genetica texture format (GTX).  These textures have a number of advantages over traditional bitmapped textures, including embedded effect maps and resolution independence.  Genetica Viewer is currently in version 3.5, and can open any GTX file created with Genetica 3.5 or earlier.

For those who don't already have a collection of Genetica textures, Genetica Viewer includes hundreds of quality seamless textures.  Download the free Genetica Viewer now!


Genetica Viewer is a free way to make use of textures that were created in Genetica.


Genetica Viewer provides all the effect maps necessary to give your materials a truly three dimensional appearance.


Genetica Viewer will render textures at any resolution up to 2048 x 2048.  (The full Genetica will go as high as 6000 x 6000, depending on edition.)


Download your free copy now!


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